Monday, April 28, 2008

try crack, it tastes like strawberries

It started by my husband wanting to play something that i could play with him. So we tried playing a free online massively multiplayer game, Maplestory. It wasn't bad from my point of view. You had little cartoon characters who ran around killing snails. I didn't see a problem.

My husband did. Who knew he was part of TETOS (The Ethical Treatment of Snails).

So we decided to look elsewhere. The obvious choice was WoW. I didn't really want to play being that everything i had read said that WoW was crack for the gamer...and hubby is definately a gamer. So we kept looking.

Nothing was turning up, at least nothing that allowed hubby the game play he desired and kept me from throwing the monitor out the window.

For hubby's birthday, he was given 2 trial accounts of WoW. I finally agreed to play the trial accounts.

Turns out crack is actually quite nice, tastes sort of like strawberries.


Ben said...

Yay! I hope you're playing Horde though.

But I warn you, you may have already lost Chris. I suggest that you look after his password so that he can't get on unless you let him. Then you will have even more control over him, which is always a good thing (for you, not him).

By the way, what realm are you on?

kris said...

lol. Sadly, i think i'm more addicted than he is. He didn't realise it, but he did marry a gamer...if not a traditional one.

realm: spinbreaker

character: night elf named "Raydne"

I promise to start a hord character soon. if you tell me where you are, i'll start one near you.

Brandon said...

*sigh* I feel like I'm getting left behind. I'll hold out and resist playing or my education will suffer :)

Games are pretty awesome though! (Good choice with night elf, btw)

Ben said...


Night Elves are smelly hippies. If you really have to play Alliance, then you should go Draenei. They have a sexy Russian accent.

I'm on Khaz'Goroth, one of the Oceanic servers. And if you start a Horde character, don't play a fruity elf. Trolls are the embodiment of sexy.

ansell said...