Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Model this

The models have hit the streets with their tiny arses and stileto shoes. The cries of a million malnurished women have been silenced with smaller dress sizes. Australia's fashion week is here again.

With a polite nod to political correctedness, i am curvey. So it is perhaps my curves that cause sense of decency to run and hide when a model of 2 pounds is seen as "normal" for the catwalk. The thighs that do not touch saunter down the aisle, daring the skin to make contact with skin as the model scizors her legs along. Hair is pulled drastically away from the face so the limpness does not cause stares and the protruding cheekbones mark the face as gaunt. Her eyes are hollow but overshaddowed with enough makeup to secure a make-over to the residents of a small country. The hands are boney, with fingers like spider legs. The miss-hung clothing hangs off the model revealing parts of a woman that even her closest companion probably didn't know about.
And this is what is toted as the epidomy of fashion. This is what i should strive to achieve. A boney frame that might break upon a hug. Eyes that are vaccant and clothing that hangs from a starved body.

I will take my curves that do not fit into every article of clothing. I will keep my flushed cheeks. My hair will continue to shine and allowed bounce with my steps. Because i am a woman who is loved. I have a body that is loved. I do not need the high fashion skelotons to tell me i'm not good enough. My lover is not bruised against my protroding bones. My nails are strong and beautiful. I can walk more than the length of a catwalk and i can definately see through you.


Brandon said...

Good call :) I don't know who is calling the shots, but I've always thought curvy was waaaaaay hotter than skinny models.

...and, as you point out, hugs just aren't as good!

Della said...

What I don't understand is how on things like Australia's Next Top Model, they're talking about a size 10 being "fat" or something.

A size 10 fat???


*insert outraged ranting to whatever degree you desire*

Most women would probably be willing to gnaw off an arm if it would guarantee they'd be a size 10. And as much as I love fashion and so on, there are so many, many, many faults in the industry that it gets more ridiculous each year.

Next they'll just be exhuming skeletons and wheeling them down the runway with clothes stapled to them. But they'd probably be still too "fat."

SugarPuff said...

its actually more complicated then that.

I got into a fight with someone when I said I needed to loose "fat".

They started ranting about skinny girls who had bad perceptions of themselves.... I wasn't too big blah blah.

I said, "I didn't say I needed to loose weight, I need to loose fat. My body fat percentage is unhealthful high". I was actually only saying I needed to eat healthier and build muscle (which would actually make me "heavier" but anyway..)

I don't diet to make myself thin. I can't help that I am the size I am, but endured years of taunts "anorexic bitch" was one I got alot in school.

I'm not the shape that I am because of models and society, I am the shape that I am because I can't help it.

kris said...

Sugarpuff: i'm so glad you have a healthy self image. For the few women who have the smaller frames, rants like this can often be misconstrued at being aimed at you. But they are not. You eat healthfully. Your hair is not frail or limp (a good sign your getting nutrients), your eyes are not sunk into your skull and you are not breathless after a 10 meter walk. This is aimed at an industry who tells girls that these are things to aim for, instead of things to avoid.

Perhaps for all the years between us and the bone crushing corset, not much has really changed for the fashion industry.