Monday, January 22, 2007

a trip

It has been over a year since i last spent more than 8 hours in a car. Tomorrow will hearken back to the old days when too many young people would cram themselves into a car and drive for hours on end in order to see more friends.

Tomorrow, four people will squeeze themselves into a two door car and drive 8 hours to the 'half way point', spend the night and then drive another 4 hours to our destination. (yes, i know that 4 hours isn't the half way point of 12. but pretend it makes cents and you'll enjoy reading my blog entry more)

Our trip will be filled with laughter. Probably mechanical laughter from the driver (me) as everyone else will be pushed together to make room from the luggage. The trip will be filled with smiles and sweetly spoken words, like 'if you don't move out of my breathing space I'll rip your head off with the broken shards of glass from the window.'

It is so exciting i can hardly wait to leave...although apparently the road have been covered in fire for the last two days so I'm not sure that we'll actually be able to leave the area. perhaps divine intervention isn't such a bad thing...


Ida said...

I hope the trip won't be too painful ;)

P.S. I've missed a lot of your blog lately and was happy to read what you think about abortions and condoms etc. I think the same and have a hard time understanding why some people are so against them. Who wants to grow up into this world beeing unwanted?

watson_vagabond said...

the aussie fires have made the news here lately....ikes! please be safe!