Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Bob is finally starting to settle into the house. The biggest reason, i believe is that we changed his diet and took him to the vet. We decided to change his diet due mostly to the fact that his current food was too heavy in the cereals and almost nothing in the meats. So now he's on a special diet that specialises in actual meat. We had Orion on the same brand of food and we were very happy with his physical health because of it. We are hoping this brand will do the same for bob.

The vet was also an important step in helping bob to settle in. We had been noticing his back side was nearly bare with how often he was pulling out the hair. The vet said he had a skin condition, dermatitides, and gave him a shot of cortisone which has cleared up the skin quite quickly. Without a itchy bum, he's been much more friendly and sociable, although he definitely has favourite people (my mother-in-law being one of them).

Now that he's a bit more stable on the health front, he seems to be more willing to accept us. No more crying through the night and lots more following us around. He's shaping up to be a real treat to have.

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Melody said...

you don't have a vegetarian cat?!?!?! *shock* *horror*