Tuesday, January 08, 2008

family holiday


Kaisa said...

Really nice pics... have to ad mit for the senery ones all I can think is hot humid... though it does look pretty.

On a non of my business topic... is your sister in-law togethers with Micheal? :O !!!

ansell said...

wow... cool scenery... I havn't been to Cairns in a while. Nice to see the old Kuranda Rail is still running!

I think I met Michael once recently too... :)

kris said...

yep, michael and shaz are a thing...going on 9 months now.

and yes, the humidity was...well...lets just say that if it suddenly turned 0, the amount of snow that would have crushed us would have made the south pole look like a fake ski resort.

ansell said...

brisbane humidity in the past few weeks has been close to 98 percent (relative) constantly. I had to dry out my computers circuits and power supply with a heater before it would turn on yesterday!

Thats cool that shaz has found someone nice! :-) Well, he seemed nice when I met him..... never know do ya! j/k!

Kaisa said...

wow... my world just got really tiny!