Wednesday, January 23, 2008


US President Bush has claimed in his speach to the pro-life marchers that 1 in 5 pregnacies end in abortion. Does any one know where he got that figure? Has any one seen any research to back up that number?

I would like to know if that figure includes abortions that the body does itself without help from doctors. Does the statistic take into account all pregnancies or just in the USA?

If anyone can help me out, i'd definitely like to know.


Lee Clarke said...

This are the sites I have found so far. As to where he got his information from, I don't know

Somehow I don't think this what you were looking for, hope it helps anyway

Della said...

From what I remember in health classes, miscarriages are counted as part of abortion stats. They're classed as natural abortions, as the body kills the foetus for whatever reason - genetic deformities, trauma, etc.

Maybe it's different in the US with what gets counted or not in stats. And as for where Bush got his stats from, you'd hope it wasn't the same place he got the info about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.