Wednesday, January 09, 2008


No good argument should start with anything but the word 'if'. 'If' immediately puts the blame on another person while squarely identifying the starter of the argument as the victim.

"If you really loved me...."

This sentence makes the other person realise that they are not conveying their love properly with the added bonus of telling them what they can do to get the love flowing again.

Of course if you actually want a real relationship you can never use "if" to start an argument because its manipulative. A real relationship is supposed to rely heavily on trust. Of course...what is trust without an occasional dabbling into the arts of the jilted lover.

A typical manipulative art is to cry, however, this technique has become less effective throughout the years, unless it is the man who is crying. A better technique is to drastically change from your "happy self" into something polar opposite. This should be completed in seconds as to achieve maximum effect.

Another great technique is to disconnect emotionally for days. This isn't for the weak minded, it will take stubborn determination to stay away from your lover until you sense that they are desperate to understand what is happening with you. Then quickly turn into your "happy self" and ask something of your partner that you'd never normally ask. They will submit without hesitation.

Yet this advice comes with a warning, as all good advice should...Manipulation leads to lack of trust. Lack of trust leads to break down of relationships. A solid relationship doesn't need manipulation to achieve goals. A simple request will often suffice, A long discussion will clear things up, and a lot of Forgiveness with wipe away many sins.

Or you could work on those convoluted manipulation arts....who knows one day you might actually get them to work properly for you.

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