Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Isn't he cute?

Our long weekend was hugely eventful. The most prominent event being the watching of this adorable little koala run around his enclosure. (and i do mean RUN). Now i should clarify, when i say 'adorable', they are not adorable because they are cute and cuddly. They are adorable because they *look* cute and cuddly but have a shorter temper than than a US patriot forced to deal with foreigners. One of the koalas (not pictured below) had bit off the nipple of one of the handlers...and i do mean completely off! When they get angry and decide to bite, they are thorough in their attack and can leave their human victim quite mangled. Their claws are not weak either. The claws are designed to climb and hold on to very tough bark. This means that a koala's claws are not merely for decoration. They can easily pierce the skin, several layers deep.

So it is with that in mind that i give you this adorable little koala (the background voices are the people standing next to us)

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Melody said...

Man, I've never seen them this active before! They're usually really sleepy when I see them!