Tuesday, January 15, 2008

dangers of blogging

While this graph clearly shows that few people have died in blogging accidents, the numbers have quickly increased to over 100 since early last week. It is a tragic day when blogging truely becomes a dangerous way to live.

my very life could be in danger as i type! but my dedication to my ego drives me on to bring you this enlightening blog...which i hope truly does bring you lanters and torches.

So it is with great pride that i give you, my blog for the day:

Top five deadly dangerous things to do while blogging

5. Sit on an exercise ball while typing on your laptop (no touching the ground)
4. Curl hair, next to full tub of water, while typing...
3. drink typing (need i say more?)
2. Blow dry your hair with a nail gun
1. Chew on the laptop cable

1 comment:

joni said...

as an avid knitter, should i be concerned that knitting made the list, since clearly it's a hazard to my health? or should i be proud that there are enough knitters out there that two have died as a result of the activity?