Thursday, January 24, 2008

question (part 2)

Well, after doing some online research about the previous post, i came up with this conclusion:

Abortion statistics are fickle.

First of all most abortion statistics are displayed by those who are pro-life (read: anti-abortion, pro death penalty).This means that they "torture the numbers until they'll tell you anything you want.". They fail to mention that the data collected includes natural abortions (where the body aborts the pregnancy on its own, also known as a miscarriage). This skews the figures since many women will experience a miscarriage in their lifetime. But since this is counted as an abortion, they can then claim that"Worldwide, the lifetime average is about 1 abortion per woman."

Its frustrating. It suddenly sounds like all women hate having children...or worse, they all get pregnant recklessly and flippantly get rid of the 'problem'. It makes women seem irrational at best and at worst, villianises them.

I suppose i could break into a man conspiracy; making women to be less than they are...but i don't think this is the case. The answer is far less complicated. It has more to do with keeping people shocked and fearful. Statistics that 'prove' so many abortions are being cared out each year is shocking...especially when you personally don't know that you know of anyone who's had an abortion...and it keeps people fearful of the people around them by making them wonder if they are secretly a "baby killer".

I don't think that assisted abortions are as common as as the statistics claim. I do think that when politics get involved it's less about the 'babies' and more about controlling the people.

So in the end, we're still left wondering where Bush found his numbers...but it's less important. We know he tortured them into doing his will anyway, after all he's stance on the torture issue is already well known... even Canada. knows.

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