Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Candidates

Over the last several months i have heard a multitude of Americans say they aren't "into" politics. This is usually said in conjunction with the reasons why voting should or should not be carried out. Whether or not your interests lay with the politicians, it is definitely worth your while to pay attention to who's who in the upcoming elections. Because i'm "into" politics, i'll give you a brief on a few of the leading contenders. Of course my personal bias my shine through...i do appogise.


Pretty much the new kid on the block. He's interested in changing the way things are done in the White House. Pro: He has a lot of enthusiasm for the job and some scary self drive. Potentially he would make a brilliant president. Con: he doesn't have a lot of experience. Will his enthusiasm and confidence hold up against the glamour of the new power?

She's the one with the experience. She has been there done that. Pro: She already knows the pit falls of the job. Con: Is she strong enough to avoid falling into them again (like she did with health care?)


He's the rogue vote on the republican side. He doesn't look different from any other US president, but he'd be the first Mormon president. Pro: He's had a lot of experience working with big corporations and events. He could probably handle running the US country. Con: He doesn't come off as a real contender when interviewed.

He's pushing the evelope on age but he's quite determined and in many ways he's much more appealing during interviews. Pro: He's against torture. He's had personal experience, so doesn't like it. It may mean that he gets the US' reputation closer to what it once was. Con: While currently looking shipshape, he is getting up there, his vice president better be one we all like.

The preacher who wants to save the USA by running for President. He's likely to get a few votes from the Christian conservatives. Pro: He's a professional public speaker. Hopefully this means he isn't likely to make a fool of the nation when he visits foreign countries. Con: He's an American Christian and right now, American Christians have a reputation for being bloodthirsty SOBs (sorry).


Litigious Mind said...

I think that my favorite thing I've heard Obama say is that no one had more experience that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, and look where that got us.

SugarPuff said...

I read today that Edwards has stepped out of the race

watson_vagabond said...

My biggest problem with McCain is that every time I hear his stance on the Iraq war he sounds like a miniature George W. Bush.

Romney's from Michigan and one of his biggest concern is stimulating the auto industry again there. (His father was running American Motors Corporation in the 50s). That to me is useless unless they stop trying to fuel giant gas-gosslers and recognize small, energy-efficient vehicles. He just seems detached from the major issues of today to me.