Thursday, January 17, 2008

survived by three cats

Death is a morbid topic. (It's a bit redundant to put it that way, but i was hoping to catch your attention with a clever opening line) No one wants to think that every one they know will eventually end up pushing up daisies, but at some point your mind will go there and if your quick enough to turn it back to something else, you're much more clever than I.

Wikipedia is a fascinating source of information of a vast array of different people, places and things. Today I skipped places and things and went straight to people. I read the biography of Capucine. She was a beautiful girl who was a model and actress from the late 1940s - 1990. She was a bright girl with a B.A. in Foreign Languages. And like all girls, she had a few strange ideas. She was once quoted as saying, " A woman needs to know that the man is her master". She also was a manic-depressive. She was fabulously happy one minute and tragically suicidal the next.

Although Capucine was seen as a sex object to men around the world, and she obviously had some interesting ideas about men's roles, she never had a long term relationship with a man. (and there is no evidence that she was a lesbian either so you can get that thought out of your head!). She had affairs. The longest known was two years with a man who was married and known to have been "in love" with her friend Audrey Hepburn. But none of her affairs really lasted.

After other suicide attempts, Capucine finally jumped from her 8th floor apartment on 17 March 1990. Her obituary read that she was survived by her three cats. Either the columnist didn't like her much, or she lived a very lonely life.

Forgive me for being a bit morbid today...but this was a life glimpse I thought worth telling. Hopefully our obituaries will have more to say than "survived by three cats".

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