Thursday, February 22, 2007

Celebrity confusion

I must admit to be a little shocked over how much attention some celebrities get. Anna Nicole Smith never made a blockbuster movie or sold a million CDs yet, even before her death the press enjoyed chasing her down the road. (probably to watch her chest bounce) Now that she has passed away, the press still won't leave her alone! While she was alive the girl was defined by her body, now that she is dead, it's her body that still won't stay out of the news! (i think the media need to get some therapy!)

Britney Spears who hasn't released an album in quite some time is on the news every night. Her strange antics seems to be screaming for press coverage all the while she's telling people "DON'T TOUCH ME!".

Finally we have Paris Hilton who...I'm not actually sure why she became famous...maybe daddy tipped off the press that his baby girl wanted to become internationally stalked. we've got princess Paris who, despite her seemingly stupid nature, is a business shark.

So these people who do nothing except flaunt their bodies (in Anna's case it was only while living) can get constant press coverage while celebrities who are actually making movies and television seem to be left alone...i really hope this is a reflection on the media and not our culture.


Della said...

Unfortunately I think it is a reflection of our culture. We like instant gratification and avoiding the hard problem things.

Celebrities = non-challenging charicatures of lives we'd like to lead with loads of money because we know we'd do better than they do with money/fame they have.

Actual real world issues = too hard basket. How many people watch SBS news compared to the numbers of people who watch Channel Nein? *sigh*

And speaking of Paris Hilton, may I say AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! because they had ads on last night for some SMS service where you could send in and get her "home movie" sent to your phone or something. That was truly a sign of the apocalypse and that I should turn off the tv.

Ben said...

One of the best parts of Epic Movie (very stupid but highly recomended if you like that kind of thing) is when Paris Hilton is killed by one of the main characters falling on her after getting thrown out of a plane by Samuel L. Jackson.

Lindsey Lou said...

What disturbs me the most is my reaction to these people. I'm so sick and tired of seeing and hearing about them that I just want them to go away - whatever it takes. When I stop and think about how I'm kind of hoping for an overdose, I realize that things have gotten pretty bad.

watson_vagabond said...

the whole conversation makes me wonder who actually likes these celebrities? who cares about them? is it just for the press that it's a gorgeous face on the cover of their mag or are people actually interested in the lives of these bubble-gum models?