Sunday, February 18, 2007

Humour & me

I was reading an article by Simon Pegg. He suggested that the difference between British humour and American humour is in the way they approach irony and emotion. The brits take a little emotion with a lot of irony, while the Americans prefer it served with a lot of emotion and a side order of irony.

I thought the article was humourous and insightful. Now i want to see Shaun of the Dead all over again!


watson_vagabond said...

Hey, you heard the makers of "Shaun of the Dead" are coming out with a new movie, right? It's a cop movie called, "Hot Fuzz." It looks hilarious. Brilliant cop transferred to perfect little town and stumbles upon what looks to be a link in several deaths. The towns people can't believe that anyone would be so mean as to murder anyone.

kris said...

yep. i've heard of it. its actually was what got me to read the article which led me back to shaun of the