Friday, February 16, 2007

The huntsman spider incident

This was crawling on my hallway ceiling yesterday night. Due to a bad back, i had been bedridden for most of the day. Although, when hubby found the spider, he immediately called for me to get up on a latter and kill it. (he kills the cockroaches, i kill the spiders. our marriage continues in peace and harmony)

Being the loving and dutiful wife that i am, i climbed up the ladder, took a shoe and tried to hit it. It dodged. (very successfully) i fell backwards. Hubby caught me, and i tried again. this time i chased it down the wall and finally ended its peaceful existence with a strong smack to its back.

RIP big scary spider.


mist1 said...

Was it your shoe or his shoe?

kris said...

mine. my beautiful black shoe!

blue nurse said...

WTF? I dunno if I can ever stay at your house again!!! Well, actually, ... hmmm, as long as you guys have sorting out who does the killing (and it isn't me!), then I think I can do it again! :D

Della said...

Nice spider assassin work! :D

I found a dead huntsman yesterday - had done some surface spraying on the weekend and I hate to think where that thing had been lurking.

Why can't they just keep to the outdoors?!

jenne said...

i will NEVER visit you in the summertime.