Monday, February 05, 2007

The Mystery

When my husband asked me what i wanted for my birthday i replied, "a surprise". (My husband does some of the best surprises but he doesn't do them often because he doesn't enjoy them himself. ) One of the things i like the most about surprises is trying to figure out what they are. Its part of the fun. So the game began last Wednesday.

i didn't know what he had planned but my first clue came when his sister called him and he left the room to talk to her. He never does that! I surmised that she must be in on the whole thing...whatever it was. If she was in on it, there would be lots of people involved. (its just the sort of thing she does. everyone gets involved if she can help it)

Next clue came when a friend called and my husband spoke with him using only one word answers. I figured he was in on it too. This friend loves to through parties. He goes all out on the decorations and things.

Since my birthday was on Sunday. i guessed I'd be getting a birthday party on that day. The last part of the mystery was that i didn't know where it was going to be held. As Hubby started cleaning the house Sunday morning, though, i got a pretty good clue. He covered it well by saying that it was my birthday present. It at least had me second guessing where the party would be held. Later he wanted to go for a driving lesson. (I'm the primary diver in the family. Hubby is still working on getting used to the clutch) As we got ready to leave i walked around the house and locked every single door. I thought, if Hubby unlocked one of them, I'd know that the party was at our house. Sure enough, he unlocked on of the doors.

We drove around for a bit, went shopping and then came back home. I looked up and down the street for cars. No cars. damn! no one came to the party! Hubby's phone began to ring in his pocket. we waited until the car stopped before seeing who it was. it was his sister. He rang her back and i could hear the phone ring in the house.

as i opened the door, i was shocked by how many people had turned up! the house was decorated beautifully with balloons everywhere. it was a fab birthday surprise!


Ida said...

Happy Birthday Kristin! I hope the party was good and you got a lot of gifts!

Brandon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) Glad to hear the party was a grand success!

watson_vagabond said...

yay, kris!!!

Della said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday! :D

Sounds like it was a great day :)