Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Challenging authority

In recent news I've been relieved that the US has had their wrist slapped by the Italian Judge who indited 26 American in kidnapping charges. This is not to say that i want the US to fail miserably in their war against a concept, but it is time the international community started taking care of their citizens...and It is nice to know, every now and again, that the USA does have to answer for its actions.

It is discouraging however that the inmates in Gitmo have had more rights taken away from them. It seems that with the more international pressure there is for those inmates to be tried, the less rights they are given and the more their trials are delayed. What does this signal for the morality of the governments who allowed their citizens to be taken? What about the governments who keep other's citizens locked up without trial?

Every country would like to believe that they are doing the right thing. Every citizen likes to believe the best of the country in which they live. Yet fear is creeping in. No one speaks out without fear of what will happen to them. There is no more moral superiority. My fear is that by the end of this war everyone will have blood on their hands.


Ida said...

I think other countries are pushing the US for trails or releases of their citizens being in Gitmo but the US are a tough nut to crack. It took the Swedish diplomats 1,5-2 years to get a Swedish citizen out of there. They did not have any evidence against him.

Lindsey Lou said...

Um, Kris, I hate to break it to you, but we here in American are doing the right thing, because we are America. We're always right, don't you know that? Hello? God is on our side!

kris said...

Lin, you scare me.