Thursday, February 01, 2007

The worst part of married life

you know what the worst part about being married is? you can't talk about the sex with your friends. If your married, its assumed you aren't having any. If children should suddenly appear it is the direct intervention of a stork.

When your single, you can talk about sex and any jokes associated with it while still allowing the friends put a mental barrier between your story and envisioning you and your partner doing the deed.

Being married means that if you tell any sort of bedroom story to a friend, they immediately get a clear as bell picture of you and your partner. Then for weeks on end they can not look you or your spouse in the face. What was, as a single, humourous chatting becomes an embarrassing exposure. Suddenly there is this wall between all friends and that topic.

I suppose that if that is the worse part of married life, i could stand a little more.


Ben said...

You can talk to me about it, I won't get embarased around Chris.

I may burst into laughter each time I see him though.

Lindsey Lou said...

Um, I don't get the difference between talking about it while you're single and talking about it when you're married. My married friends talk about it more now that they're married. Personally, I'd rather think about my friends getting it on in a dedicated relationship than with some random person they happen to be dating.

kris said...

it could be the people, lin. As ben has pointed out he'd gladly hear about it even though he lives in NEW ZEALAND and its VERY HARD TO CONTACT HIM CAUSE HE'S ADDICTED TO WOW! i suppose in some of my other friends defence, they are related to my husband so it makes it just a little more ackward for them....

jenne said...

damn it! i tried to post a comment and compy lost it.

well, the basic point was... not me! i want to hear all the dirty details ;)