Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Christian mockery

If your a Christian and have heard about this documentary, you've probably either laughed it off or been offended. James Cameron and crew have released a documentary that is supposed to air on the Discovery Channel claiming to have found the remains of Jesus and his family (wife and son). Christian groups all over America are claiming this is an attack on Christianity.

And yet again, i'm left on the wrong side of the wall, shaking my head at these strange Christians. If the Discovery Channel had done a documentary on the obsurdity of Allah, Christian groups would have said nothing. They might even have defended the airing of the program, saying that it was one perspective and that people should be allowed to see all different sides of the issue.

I'm left asking, why are Christians so afraid of a documentary? If you are unable to allow the airing of critizim of your views, it makes your stance look weak. It looks like if anyone starts to look at your religion at all it will crumble. That shouldn't be the case!

Furthermore, if you're trying keep this from getting noticed, COMPLAINING ABOUT IT DOESN'T HELP! The more you complain, the more people are going to watch. Exactly what do you want to come out of this?


Clansi said...

I am not afraid of it, nor am I going to protest that it shouldn't be shown.

But I am quietly sad. Because Jesus is so important to me and I happen to believe what the Bible says about Him, I find it hard to listen to stuff from some angles. It gives me a dull ache, like the ache I get when I hear people use His name in anger...

Ben said...

A problem is that if they did a documentary on Allah, the Muslims would also get upset. However, people would listen to them and it would get canceled. That's the problem with being part of the majority.

Lindsey Lou said...

This is the same thing that went on with The DaVinci Code. Back when Star Jones was still on The View she commented that if a movie threatens your beliefs then maybe your beliefs weren't so strong to begin with.

kris said...

I think Star Jones made a good statement there. If our religion crumbles in the wave of scrutiny, i'm not sure its worth having anyway. And just like any scrutiny of our personal lives, it is going to be uncomfortable at best, but i'm glad that there are some people who are not going to back away from it.

ansell said...

i got really annoyed that they tried to pull science into "proving" that this cave reduces entire historical commentaries and the evolution of the entire christian church to nothing.

for me to actually get interested they would have to show why within a small space of time people were getting tortured for a faith that they believed in. mostly of course believing that truly because as paul said, we know that he died and rose again.

This companion article tells a slightly different story. And along with other commentary on the incident, I view the entire thing as a shame still. Academia is interested in authenticity, but they will defend their personal beliefs to the end of the earth just like the religious buncy, although the religious bunch in this case have a slightly different set of personal beliefs they wish to defend.

I see it as analogous to the reaction from scientists when people (rightly) tell them that their current theories about the natural world are nothing but that, theories, and that they can change, so why are they defending something so hard if they aren't actually sure about it.

Then of course science will show the evidence for and against the case, as the christians are (attempting) to show in this case.

The world isn't really that rational :(