Monday, February 26, 2007


My respect for Craig Ferguson has just doubled. Any man who is aware of free speach and chooses to censor himself in order to be at peace with his own conscience is a very amazing man.

If your unable to watch this 12 minute video here is the summary: (but if you can, please do because it is really an amazing sort of video)

Craige speaks about his decision not to publicly make fun of Britney Spears or any other person who is in need of help. While he acknowledges that it may be humourous from a distance, he reminds us that we are watching real people hurting. He relatest the story of his own battle with alcoholism and the embarassment he felt. He has now been sober for 15 years and feels that in order to sleep properly at night, he to censor himself.

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ansell said...

well, im not sure who craig ferguson is, but its a noble act not to insult the people who common people make it their lives to follow... ie, the "stars"