Thursday, March 08, 2007

The doctor

Have you ever been referred to someone and after you met them decided you really didn't like them? I heard about a woman whose medical insurance referred her to a doctor for her young daughter's ear infection. Upon seeing the woman's piercing and tattoos, the doctor refused to see or treat her child.

Talk about the sins of the in this case.

The doctor had a set of rules about appearance which he had based upon his Christian beliefs. These rules included no tats, body piercings, or chewing of gum. I think somewhere along the line, i missed the part of the Christian belief system that included excluding people in need....but i obviously REALLY missed the whole part about not chewing gum...damn! i guess i'm damned to hell for sure now!


mist1 said...

I just ran out of gum. I am holy now.

mist1 said...

Wait, there's a pack on top of the fridge. Nevermind about all that holiness stuff.

Lindsey Lou said...

Crap! I missed the one about the gum, too!