Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i'm so confused!

I enjoy looking at a baby as much as the next girl, but i'm hardly a 'right to lifer'. I'm a pro-choice girl, all the way. I am also an enviromentalist. Of course, the enviroment would be rather bland if it didn't have animals in there too, so i support the animal rights movement as well...well..i did...until this. now i'm just confused.

I'm not saying that humans should always save the baby polar bears, but it has left me confused. We are meant to treat captive animals that same as if they were in the wild. (Mr. Bear, please ignore the fence and all those people standing over there. Just pretend your in the wild!)

But i'm also confused about the whole, putting an animal down thing. The majority of people seem to be against human abortion, but this article makes it sound like there is a large portion of people who believe we should put down the baby bear. 'Save the life at all costs' is what the Christian right says. Yet the conflicting message continues with, "unless they are an animal. In that case kill'em before they get too big and we have to worry about saving their habitat".

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