Friday, March 09, 2007

the IRS rant

If your a tax payer, you probably have had problems with tax season at some point in your life. THIS point in my life i'm ready to send very strongly worded emails to the devils in the IRS office. (i won't say kill for fear they might mistake that for an actual threat and lock me up in Gitmo)

My frustration stems from the fact that it is tax season in the USA and as a citizen i'm required to file. As an ex-pat, it means i've got to file special forms. Can i find these special forms? no. the IRS website works at being the most unhelpful help page on the web. (although i just found out that they have yet to win the award for most unhelpful...they are still trying) While it lists overseas contacts for help in filing your taxes, they fail to give an email address ONLY PHONE NUMBERS! that wouldn't be so bad IF THEY LISTED IN THIS COUNTRY!

So not only can i not get help from the unhelpful bastards. i can not find the damn forms for filing either. I'm about ready to tell those sons of bitches to burn in hell and they can eat my tax return.


but that is just my first reaction...i'll probably cool down later and feel much warmer towards them when the fire dies out of my eyes and i rip the head off my IRS dolls.


IN A RED DRESS said...

i guess it's not our fault for not being ready for this "season" then.
yeah, u need some good music to cool the heat down!..lily allen? haha
thanks for stopping by my blog.

jenne said...

be careful... i have it from a very good source that there are IRS agents who are weapons-trained and packin' heat.

kris said...

The 'heat' they pack is there because they cause flames of rage to spirt out of 'normal' people.

But all that could end of they would be more HELPFUL! (grrrr....)

But if it makes them feel better, i have yet to rip the heads off the IRS dolls.

Anonymous said...

Because I did not get forms sent to me by the IRS, and the library is out of the forms I need, I had to resort to the internet to file my taxes. I ran into a problem and called the IRS helpline(definitely misnamed!).
After being on hold for 20 minutes, the woman who 'helped?' me, instructed me to file the wrong form. It didn't even phase her a bit when I looked up the form on-line and pointed out that to file this form would require ignoring all of the directions with the form, including the DO NOT SIGN THIS FORM instruction that was in all caps, larger font, and bold type. When I pointed out that the directions said not to sign the form, she actually told me to sign it anyway. Then after I asked, 'Okay, but there is no signature line, so where should I sign it?' she was finally unable to come up with yet another ignorant answer but still insisted, with attitude, that it was the right form, it just didn't require a signature. She was so insistent and arrogant that I actually ignored that her advice was illogical and believed her. Then, when I sealed the form in the envelope, I became nervous, and decided to check one more time before I mailed it. As screwed up as the IRS forms and directions can be, her instructions just didn't feel right. Now I wish I had written down her name and badge number, I called an independent tax preparer and within 5 minutes, was nicely told that it was indeed the wrong form and where to find the right one!