Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I love Lily Allen, as most of you have already heard me rant, but today i've found another love, Mika (pronounced meeka).

His pouncy tunes and humourous lyrics have me hooked.

If you don't believe me when i tell you how fab this man is, check out his songs here. You'll soon bee a true listener too!


IN A RED DRESS said...

i only like 2 of his songs though, grace kelly and relax, take it easy.

watson_vagabond said...

who's the 'freddy' he talks about in 'grace kelly'?
p.s. kris, it sounds like you're definitely into the [gasp!] candy pop genre right, which completely throws me since i remember you swearing that off with venom during high school.

kris said...

lol! i like good lyrics...songs that i actually have to think about to get. I also like the broke-beat. Both Mika and Lily do this...i like that. I suppose it isn't as dark as i used to listen to...but oh well.