Monday, March 12, 2007

Doin' the Xian thang

Its probably because I'm a heathen at heart that most Christian outreach programs piss me off. Actually, a lot of the Christian attitudes piss me off. There seems to be a high and mighty-ness about it all. The kind of "join us or die" sort of air floats around them and their fairy-floss (sugar-coated) smiles.

"yes, we are better than you. and yes, you are going to hell unless you sing all 100 repeated lines of a Hillsong Song."

Thus it was with morbid curiosity that i wandered into It sounds like a funky sort of porn kind of is. It's a Christian outreach program that targets those inside the church who struggle with pornography as well as searching out those in the porn industry to give them the support they can't get from porn.

They go to porn conventions and hand out Bibles that say "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" on the cover...yeah, that sounds pretty fairy-floss at first until they start developing friendships with different people in the Industry. Some of these people choose to leave; some don't. arranges to debate with porn stars at Universities. They don't seem to be concerned about backing away or "shutting down the industry". Their ministry is to give the kind of love and support that porn just can't give.

I must admit this story warmed my heathen heart. It's so nice to see Christians filling a need instead of if only i could follow suit....

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