Thursday, March 08, 2007

a whale of a time...(sorry, that really was too corny)

Studies have just come out that whales have accents. Depending on where in the ocean the whale is from will determine what sort of accent it has.

Apparently whales that reside near the American content pronounce their 'r's in songs harshly, while those near Japan have a hard pronouncing them at all. Those residing in the Southern hemisphere near Australia and New Zealand seem to have a much slower song. (although there does seem to be subtle difference between the whales to the west of New Zealand and those to the East. It appears that the western ones mock the accent of those in the East. It is still unclear as to the exact reason for this occurrence) It was also noted that many of the Whales coming from the Wales area in the Northern Hemisphere were well pronounced and sang songs in perfect pitch. It was also noted that the male heir of this group was surprisingly skinny and nearly hairless...he did make up for it by having two large fins, however.

(if this didn't make any sense to you at all...its late, it may not make sense to me in the morning either)

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