Monday, March 05, 2007

news or no news

I remember in High School two of my teachers saying they refused to watch the news at night because of how awful it all was. At the time that seemed fair. If you don't like whats being said, don't listen to it.

Now graduated from College, i don't go more than 10 hours without watching or reading the news. No, the news is not any better than it was in High School, but i feel uninformed if i don't. Most of it is terrible news...some times it is down right offencive. Yet i still watch.

The thing is, it really does bother me to watch our world crumble...or at least appear to. I'm not effected directly by wars, politics, or disasters; not yet at least. But i know that is changing. Climate change is effecting Australia, as is ozone damage...all this directly affect me. From how often i put on sunscreen to how much water i use to wash my dishes or water my plants. It makes me wonder when the other issues are going to creep into my world. It seems only a matter of time before my life becomes directly entangled with the world politics. (or maybe this is my religious paranoia)

It feels like an inevitable car crash. you can see the car coming towards you. You can't avoid the crash. Do you watch with morbid fascination as it comes towards you? or do you close your eyes and hope it goes away of its own accord?

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