Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Time to prep

I woke up thinking about the list of items i had to prepare for the speaker. The speaker was from Jews for Jesus. He was to be presenting on the passover service and how it relates to Christ.

Admittedly, i should have looked at the list many weeks ago. Unforunately i'm a dumb-ass and i didn't. So it was on the moring of this man's talk that i began to gather the list of items. The list went something like this:

✡ One large table (approx. 2 metres) covered by a white tablecloth.
✡ Two 22cm white candles in candlesticks with matches to light them.
✡ Two chairs and two large bed pillows with pillowslips.
✡ A hard-boiled egg, unpeeled
✡ A finely chopped or ground apple (peeled and cored, then left to brown)
✡ Ground horseradish (bottled, not a ‘horsey’ sauce, but actual horseradish)
✡ An unpeeled onion ( or horseradish root if available)
✡ At least 6 sprigs of parsley with stem and heads remaining intact
✡ Tap water with enough salt added to turn the water cloudy

I think it was the measurements that caused my eyebrow to raise first. Then it was the pillows...(what did pillows have to do with a meal?!) finally it was the exactness of the food instructions. "with stems and heads remaing"?! exactly how else was i going to prepare parsley?

So it was with a little bit wonderment and bemusement that i gathered the ingredients.

In the end, the entire thing was made clear to me. (The pillows were to for lounging on during the meal.) and i was glad to have followed the instructions...but it was a bit like that 6th grade test where you have to follow all the instructions exactly or you fail.

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