Monday, March 05, 2007


You've probably done this before, so i won't ask you to do it right now, but think back to the last time you looked at yourself totally naked in the mirror.

If your female your reaction was probably "yep, that's me. my ____ are too fat and I've got a HUGE _______. If only ______________"

If your male it was probably, "yep. still a god."

The thing is, there is nothing particularly erotic about a seen-in-full-light naked body. If you don't believe me, go search Google for naked corps. (please don't really do that. or if you do, don't tell me you did. it will scare me) The thing that makes nakedness sexy is the the situation and the person.

If your in a sexual relationship, you'll find that your partner can be very erotic naked...even in full unflattering light. Its about the person...not just the genitals.

So here is the real rant part of this blog (you knew it was coming). it really bothers me that Hollywood films keep over sensationalising nakedness. If someone is naked, the camera zoomed in close on the well oiled/tanned body and the slow movements of the body. THAT IS NOTHING LIKE REAL LIFE!

when someone gets naked in real life, the other person's eyes don't suddenly zoom in close to way his back arches. Nor does time slow down so you can closely study the way her legs slowly move.

Now i know the reason this style was originally created was to get around the censors board. (They aren't actually showing any genitals, so its okay.) But I think the reason this style continues is people like to be turned on. it feels good...or at least it does for a short time. Until you realise that the stuff your getting fed is completely hollow. It makes the real thing seem less exciting.

So in short, I'm sick of the sensationalism of nakedness. If you want to be naked on screen, fine. be naked. but don't try to convince me that you are sssooooooooooo sexy and the sensation is ssssssooooooo amazing. cause I'm just about ready to hurl.


mist1 said...

You know what? After years of hating my nakedness, I really like it now. I've spent long enough hating myself, but this body is the one I've got. I'm pretty happy with it.

Brandon said...

THAT is profound, Kristin! I really appreciate it. It's person inside the body that is sexy ;)

You have once again illuminated my mind.