Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Super Relgious groups

Yesterday i met, via phone, my speaker for 28 March. (if your going to be in the area, you must come!) Gabi is a member of Jews for Jesus. Jews for Jesus is a religous group of Jews who have come to realise that Jesus is the Saviour that they have been waiting for.

I am a Seventh-day Adventist. Next to a Jewish person, we appear to be very similar. We see Sabbath as sun-down friday to sun-down saturday. We both refrain from eating 'unclean' foods such as Pork. We both believe that Jesus was and is the Christ, our Salvation from sin.

So why don't we merge together, form a super religous group? umm...actually i think there is enough super religous groups out there. so maybe we'll just skip that thought.

There is so much i love about the Jewish tradition, though. i love the way Passover is celebrated. i love all the symbolism and flair that each food group is given. i love the different feasts, there seems to be so much celebration in Biblical Judaism.

I think that is why i'm so excited about Gabi coming to visit. He is speaking about Jesus in the Passover service. I am looking forward to seeing again how Jesus is pointed to in Passover. If your in the area, come and see for yourself!


bilbo said...

where shall she be speaking?

kris said...

Gabi will be speaking at Avondale College Church at 12:45pm.

bilbo said...

sort of an encore to Bruce!